Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh the places you'll go...

Well tonight Laynee is spending (keep your fingers crossed) the first night with pawpaw B. I decided to drop Connor off at Nannie Cains for some time with her and Pawpaw Gowers and head to Home Depot. On the way I stopped in at The Powder Box yes the sign is pink. Oh my you will die! Its all the antiques you could every hope for and they do layway! I was in love at first sight...with everything! Some of their prices are alittle high for me but I found some great goodies and just had to share.

This table I got for 27.00$. The coke wooden crate for 10.00$. The white milk vase 2$ and the veggie/fruit hanging thing (my mom had one when we were growing up)was 5$! They closed at 6 and I didn't get through until 6:30-She told me some more goodies were coming in saturday-I honestly don't know where they'll put them! I did make it to Home Depot and came out with some bead board (pre cut) for under the bar area of the kitchen cabinets, a new light for the bathroom, new hinges for the bathroom cabinets and a shower curtain! I can't wait to have the shower curtain monagrammed!


  1. i love that place too!!! i wanted everything in there... they made me go sit in the car before i even finished walking through the entire place!! love your finds!!! :)

  2. I've been there one time but must go back. I found many things I wanted that day too. Love what all you found!