Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kitchen Remodeling

Step #1-Don't go insane! No seriously. I decided to paint my kitchen green. It took months for me to decide...I have the paint picked out and hopefully can talk my dad into painting it sometime soon. My cabinets got repainted a couple months ago by me and my dad. I've been slowly picking up things here and there and can't wait to either fix the floor that is down or tear it up and put something else down. In the mean time I saw these beauties on Mrs. Janice's porch, I ask for them and got them on friday. By saturday my hands were on them, I knew they just needed a little love....So here is the first one, sanded, painted, sanded on the edge and a burlap cushion....Sherree came over and helped with the cushion or I would have never been able to finish! Thanks Sherree, maybe this week we can finish the second one!
I also started this... and then the pouring/wind blowing/rain came! I can wait to paint the letters and hang on the wall...So I guess you wanna know what it is. its a art hanging thingy...I saw one with out the letters at hobby lobby more for notes, etc. and was inspired to do the letters from this post. I'll show you after pictures later this week! I'm sure with Laynee starting kindegarden I'm gonna need it! Now if I can only get Codie to make one of these my kitchen will be so organized! :) J/K Codie-I do love it! :)

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  1. The chair looks great. I cant't wait to start one my art hanging thing too.