Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Benjamin Button

We recently watched the movie Benjamin Button. It was the weekend before Adam went out of town and we stayed up til 11 watching this movie. For me to stay up late and watch an entire movie with out falling asleep is saying something! It was a great movie, with a great story.

Here lately I have notice more blemishes on my face, more gray hairs and more weight than I care to carry around! I'm not that 20 something, I'm more like that almost 30 something! I always enjoy a movie where I get something from the story line, what I got from this movie is it really true that the first thing we look at is what they look like. I often catch myself looking at people with blemishes on their face and wonder if others look at me the same way. Its terriable to do that with out knowing that person from the inside out. Watching Laynee start school this year and see how the kids will treat you is terriable. I try as a parent to teach her not to judge someone by what they look like, she is learning but she too looks alot more on the outside more than the inside. I guess the point is Watch Benjamin Button and take a second to think before you judge that person that doesn't always look the way you think they should! Not sure if that's what the story line was truely about but that's what I got from it.

Now on to the most exciting news-met us this morning to get Thor fixed-no more babies! What a deal we got and also what a long term deal we got, couple days she will be free to be in the yard and no longer contained to the back porch-yah for no more litter box and freedom for Thor!

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