Friday, April 24, 2009

Family Update:

This past weekend we spent the day saturday getting Adam's truck ready to sell. I put it on craigslist and within 30 minutes had several people asking about it. Sold it to one of them on monday morning. That equals getting several things off my big to do list this year! Adam also found out he will be going out of town to Georgia for work for a couple of months...should be an interesting summer with me at home with two kids. My work is going good, slowly building my customer number. Yay for higher commission checks! I love working close to home!

This little guy has been sick this week with a runny nose, temp and an inflammed ear...took him to the doctor and got medicine. Should start to have the old Connor back in no time. Laynee was also sick with a fever and all the stuff to go along with it.
As for this weekend I hope the med's kick in and get rid of the colds, etc. It looks like its going to be a beautiful weekend with lots of family gatherings and birthdays (mothers and Grandmas). I'll have plenty of pictures come monday! Enjoy your weekend!

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