Thursday, March 5, 2009


25 Random Things...

I got this from Facebook and Kristen's page.

1. I eat egg rolls for snack.

2. I have been in the "printing industry" since I was 19 years old.

3. I am closer to my aunt than my mom.

4. I didn't know how to cook in 2004.

5. I use to be really organized until I had two kids. (it bothers me daily that I'm not.)

6. The house I grew up in is no longer and I have night mares about it.

7. I sometimes talk to my Granny Maxine...

8. I have daily flash backs of times spent with my grandparents.

9. I remember in detail my Mawmaw's house and my family doesn't know how...they say I was too little to remember...

10. I drink one coke a day, except for weekends.

11. I weigh more now than I did 9 months preggo with Laynee.

12. I have to write with a "good writing" pen, if they don't write good I usually throw them away.

13. I still sleep with a snuggle pillow.

14. I hate drinking water.

15. I had dreams about the last three family members passing away before they passed away.

16. I rarely ever talk to my brother, Clay.

17. I got married at the court house.

18. I had one child before marriage and the second after marriage.

19. I would rather wear jeans and a tshirt than dress up.

20. I was born on Thanksgiving Day in 1980.

21. I still get butterflys when me and Adam go out on a "date".

22. I had Laynee 9 days before my due date.

23. I didn't get to really hold either of my babies til hours after delivery. (Laynee's temp. was up and down. Connor was rushed to ICU because of a heart defect.)

24. We had a "house duck" named Quackers for a couple of months when Laynee was little...he followed me around and quacked if he lost me...he went back to the farm after eating my favorite plant.

25. I love getting my hands dirty if it means I am outside gardening, otherwise I hate getting my hands dirty.

All done.

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