Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Food and Good things...

We had these for supper monday night, yummy! I marinated them in A1 marinade all night and all day and they were Great! (I cut them up to make sure they were done). This is a new grill that I got from LTD, all you do is put it on your stove top.

Now on to other things, Laynee is getting much better about her (my) choice of clothes. WE pick them out at night and there is no discussion the next morning! Connor is now going to bed at 8 o'clock with no discussion either. The first few nights were horrible! He screamed and cried for 20 mintinues are more each night. (Sorry if you go to the Revival Center no I don't abuse them, he was just having to go to bed earlier than 10 o'clock and didn't like it). We (me and Adam) have much quietier nights now that both kids are in bed by 8. I don't know what happened to me with Connor but the rules all together flew out the window with there back! Thank goodness!

At WORK-my sales are at 83% (yea me) and my goal is to be at 100% by the end of the month! Wish me luck, its hard with the economy!

DIET...Its seems to be going pretty good, I am doing really good during breakfast and lunch its hard in the afternoons with the kids and husband who are clearly not dieting! Any suggestions?
They don't seem to understand the whole diet thing...