Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Meet our Fish...

Since Barbie has lived long enough I decided to post about her. Dad dee named her this weekend, before that she was just "girl fish". Laynee wants everyone to know that she is a GIRL! Why? well while in Wal-mart deciding on what would be the perfect fish (live the longest), we were pushed toward the beta's after many, many family/friends suggestion. So we were trying to get Laynee to choose and she wanted to know which was a girl, well incase you didn't know in the beta's the boys happen to be prettier fish, but NOT in Laynee's eyes, she explained to us and the Wal-mart helper that "GIRLS ARE ALWAYS PRETTIER THAN BOYS!" So, that is the reason we got an (ugly) PRETTY GIRL! Here are a few pictures of her, she has actually made a pretty friendly and smart fish. She is not camera shy at all!

Click on pic. above for more!

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