Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's should be called WORK!

So, As some of you may know. I am trying to exercise and lose weight. Healthier me in 2009-that was my new years resolution! For years now I have let my self go, kept making excusing for my continuing weight gain! Last night as I was talking with Adam I told him how sore I was from excercising the night before he suggested to motivate me more to post a "before" picture of me on the fridge (8 x 10) so that everytime I am in the kitchen (not my friend) I am reminded of "my SIZE". So tonight I am going to print out that picture of me before and then (once I lose weight) post thinner pictures of myself. Here are a few recent pictures of ME! Please BE NICE-I am trying! I am not big on the bible or verses, but during my struggle with weight gain I am reminded of a bible verse: I can do all things through Christ which strenghtens me...Please say a little pray for me, cause this really is WORK!


  1. I know first hand how hard it is to get motivated and stay that way! Great idea on the fridge pic, maybe I should do that and it would make me visit the fridge less! Good Luck, you can do it! and hopefully so can I?

  2. You can do it....set small goals...10 pounds and reach it first. You won't have that far to go then. Good Luck!

  3. my email at work which is the fastest one to reach me on is , my home address is