Thursday, January 15, 2009

I can, I can and other stuff...

So I printed out Darby at The Sticklers tutorial on how to make a bow...and WOW I CAN! I can make a bow. I didn't have all the necessary stuff to finish it but I will by this weekend and will post pictures! Now that I can, Laynee will have a bow in every color possible! I love that feeling of I CAN!

Ok, now on to the "other stuff"...we are ALL sick at The Buchanan! Adam is on the "I'm starting to get it side" and me and the kids HAVE IT! I went to the doc. tuesday to be told I have a viral throat infection and the kids have a sinus infection....boy oh boy! I really feel worse today then tuesday when I actually thought it couldn't get no worse! I am glad to have monday off to get all better!
This is what Connor thinks about us being SICK!

Ok, enough about us being sick, the fish box and the 4 fish that SANTA brought didn't last we ended up killing all 4 of the fish. Took so family advice and decided to go with a beta...she is the friendliest thing-she just swims right up and says HI, growing bigger everyday and STILL ALIVE...she is already my BEST FRIEND. Do you know how hard it is explaining to a 4 year old that you have to flush the dead fish down the toilet so they will go to fish heaven? Well let me tell you it isn't easy! I will post pictures of our new unamed beta later when I can get new batteries for my camera-this is the reason no new pictures!

Another new is we started the HIPPY program with Aunt Pam, she came last night and left the goodies for us to start. I think we will really like it, I just hope its not to much for Laynee with her going to Pre-K and HIPPY, we will see. Laynee seemed excited when dad dee got home to show him all the fun stuff...We got a new pack of crayons, a book, a lesson book, glue and some plastic shapes we get to keep. If you haven't heard of the HIPPY program it is really great, my nephew Cole did it last year and mother just went on and on about how good the program was...wish us luck!

Alittle about Connor, HE DOESN'T require sleep...even when he is sick. I have informed him when we all get to feeling better it is going to be a new day for him! He is gonna either love to sleep or love sitting in his bed...momma is gonna do whatever is takes to get a full night sleep, no waking up in the middle of the night cause he can't find his pacie or sippy cup...or needs covering up...or just because I can...NOPE momma is going to turn the page to a new beginning. Wish me luck cause I can't stand to let the lil'guy cry...after all he is such a momma's boy! Last night I put him to bed and let him "cry it out" (advise of the peditrician) and he proceed to do it for 20 mins! WOW-after that Adam went in to check on him and he was sound was awful! I almost cried myself....even though I know its for the best in the end....again wish us luck...

I also did this little number...Aunt Becky got me the "B" for christmas and I decided to get good use out of it for Valentines day. I put the ribbon on the reef and tied the bow too!


  1. Crying our worked for both of my kids. I didn't try it on Natalie until she was 4 months old. With Rylan we started earlier and he was sleeping through the night at 5 weeks old. Hope everyone gets feeling better.

  2. Well, I am so glad someone can make bows cause I totally suck at it. i tried those tutorials and all I get is wasted time and wrinkled up ribbon!. If you decide to make them more often, I could keep you in business! It is hard to find them at decent prices? Who knew the high demand for hair bows? Either way, I saw your wreath and thought it was so cute! I was going to ask you where you got it but I got my answer first. Is the letter made out of wood?