Thursday, December 11, 2008

Laynee's room & tree

The books were mine when I was a little girl, they are almost falling apart but I couldn't dare throw them away. Laynee thinks that is neat that snowwhite was around when mommie was little.

The Walls are white with yellow and pink polka dots, the two picture frames were black but I decoupaged them, they are not as good as the two I got from Kristen but they are not that bad either! :) They look great in her room.

I saw this on a blog from Sue's page (can't remember who's) and decided to do Laynee one. I think it turned out cute!

I'm finally finished with Laynee's tree! Mrs. Greene (Jud's grandma) made the bow for the top. The ornaments had been given to Laynee from Mrs. Pat and Jenn and the star ornaments came from the dollar general. It's her first year to have a tree in her room and she loves it. She comes home every afternoon and plugs it up!

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  1. I think your frames look great! I have old paper doll books framed in Ella's room that remind me of your books... too cute :).