Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Loved Ones

"Mommy why don't we go see Granny Maxine anymore?"

That was the question that was thrown at me yesterday when I picked Laynee up from Shelley's. Boy was a floored. I couldn't speak. I ignored the question, and again I was asked, why don't we go see Granny Maxine anymore? I again ignored and changed the subject. I went home changed and head to moms and again as soon as we got out of the car...Nanny why don't we go see Granny Maxine anymore? My mom then ask where is this coming from? I responsed with I have no idea, but what do we tell her? I called Bec Bec to see what I should tell her and she immediatley started crying so that was another died end. The question was still left unanswered until Adam got home and was ask by Laynee Daddy will you take me to see Granny Maxine? Mommy or Nanny wouldn't take me. He then sat Laynee down and told her that we couldn't see Granny that she had went to heaven and we could only look at pictures of her and remember the memories of spending time with her. Laynee then looked up at her Daddy and said but I love her...as for a 4 year old she doesn't quite understand the meaning of death. We will take the time this week to go visit Granny Maxine at the Harpersville graveside, as confusing for Laynee as it may be we will then again try to explain to her the reason she can't see Granny Maxine.
I just had to share this story with you all. It cut deep in my heart and even deeper when I couldn't take Laynee to SEE Granny Maxine.


  1. I am in tears....I hope it is a long time before I have to answer questions like that. Unfortunately, Bama's dad had already passed before the girls got to meet him, so all they know is the grave and picture and stories. My post yesterday touched on it a little. My heart goes out to you and your family. Laynee and Connor are so precious!

  2. ASHLEY,
    I hate this! I loved Mrs. Maxine and Mr. MW. Maybe it will comfort Laynee to know that she has her very own special angel looking out for her.

  3. This is sad but find happiness knowing that she still remembers Granny Maxine. I think Adam did a wonderful job of explaining where Maxine is to her and if you do take her to the gravesite you could let her take a flower for Granny Maxine.....that would be special!