Friday, October 24, 2008

Dealing with Death

Things should be good now, I am slowly losing weight , kids are well, got a full time job, Adam got a promotion, Laynee got smiley faces four days straight, Connor is well CONNOR…but things are not good, I am bothered by the stealing of items that have been stolen on my granny and pawpaw’s grave and wondering why Laynee keeps bringing up Grannys name, she questions why we can’t see her, where she lives, and the other day she wanted to know if she burned in Nannies house….all things that I purposely hide from her. I didn’t let her go the funeral (afraid she was to young to understand) and I didn’t really bring up the burning of the house that I grew up in cause I was afraid of all the questions and all the answers I don’t have. It’s hard talking to a four year old about why I can’t and won’t take her to see Granny Maxine, she doesn’t understand I CAN”T. I recently visited the grave to find the tractor I put on there was gone as well as the Alabama stuff mother put on there as been stolen, to heavy to blow away. It saddens me to find that someone would stup that low as to steal from the dead. Someone is sick beyond help if you ask me. I didn’t take Laynee with me, one because I just got the urge to go while I was already out and didn’t have her and one because I am not ready for all the questions Laynee will have. We looked through old pictures the other day and she said why is there no pictures of Granny or Pawpaw holding Connor? Time is something Laynee is not able to figure out just yet, so all she knows is they were here holding her and why not Connor? All questions that I try to answer but to Laynee my answers return more questions in which I am unable to answer. This is been hard on me and with the holidays coming up even harder, say alittle prayer.-Ashley


  1. I wish I had words to help you but really only time can help heal becasue wounds like these will never completely close! My prayers are with you! ...It is very sad but the other day when you said you saw the baskets on the grave, I was so glad to hear that, not just because you said they looked nice but mainly because you let m know they were still there! I get so frustrated when we go out there and the things we have put on are gone! These kinds of people are low, I always wondered what would anyboday want with silk srrangements or wire stands for that matter. So I talked to some local florist and they told me that these people steal the better looking items from the graves and try to pose as floral wholsalers and resale the stuff back to florists in different areas at a lower price, so basically they are not just stealing from the dead but they are profiting off of the dead, off of our loved ones! It infuriated me to learn about this! You might have known this already and if you didn't I probably made you feel worse about the whole situation, sorry! I just knew I always wondered what they were doing with it, so I thoug I would share? I wish there was a way to ctach these people!

  2. I had the same thing happen when I would put nice flowers on my mother's grave. The first time it happened I cried. The next time I was furious! It's true that they only take the nicer things....sad that you will feel you can't buy something that looks really good.